Veggie Varmint

Veggie Varmint made out of eggplant, Okra. Cucumber and radishes.

Veggie Varmint – photo by Donna Teasley

The “Veggie Varmint” contest, hosted at the Burke County fair each year, is delightful, creative way to connect children with produce. Without the pressure to “EAT IT”, children (and adults) are encouraged to inspect, touch and create with a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures of vegetables. Fair-goers are lured to bountiful tables full of produce and encouraged to build a “varmint”. This year 45 amazing veggie varmints were submitted in the competition. The proud artists had a great time, and perhaps, they will smile and take a bite the next time they see those vegetables they explored at the veggie varmint table.

Veggie porcupine with a sweet potato body and green bean spines.

Veggie Varmint at the Burke County Fair – Photo by Donna Teasley

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