*Inviting Bees to Your Landscape*

       bee MarBees are very important not only to agriculture (they pollinate about 75 % of fruits, vegetables and nuts species around the world), they are also very important to many flowering plants.  About 70 % of flowering plants rely on insects for pollination, bees being one of the more important pollinators.  Your landscape can benefit greatly from attracting bees.

        Consider placing a block for orchard mason bees in your landscape.  Orchard mason bees pollinate spring fruit trees, flowers and vegetables.  They are non-aggressive and one may observe them at a close range without fear of being stung.  Directions for making a block from scrap lumber can be found on the NC State Website at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/Other/note109/note109.html

       Ground dwelling bees will be showing up soon around the coastal plains and most in the piedmont and foothills a week or so later.  They may scare people but they are non-aggressive and beneficial for pollination. Remember, don’t spray with insecticides plants that are blooming.

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