Getting Dirty in Your Garden – EMGV Radio: How to Become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer in Durham County?

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How to Become an Extension Gardener Volunteer in Durham County.

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This is “Getting Dirty in Your Garden”, brought to you by North Carolina State Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. I’m your host, Harold Johnson, and I’m a Master Gardener in Durham County.

Why not become a Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer?

Maybe answers to a few questions will help answer that question.

Let’s begin with “What is a master gardener?” Master Gardeners are folks like you and me. We are trained to help connect North Carolinians with the vast reservoir of horticultural knowledge and research that’s been developed at North Carolina A&T University and NC State University.

What’s with the long title “Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer”? Durham County Master Gardeners offer advice primarily to residents of Durham County. All Master Gardeners volunteer their time and the Master Gardener program is a service of North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

What do Master Gardeners do? Extension Master Gardener volunteers help Durham residents learn more about a myriad of gardening topics. They also answer questions, conduct demonstrations, and workshops, and they help maintain Durham’s community garden at Briggs Avenue.

Okay, how do you become a master gardener? To begin the process, attend one of the information sessions that are conducted at the Durham County Extension office, 721 Foster Street, Durham. Don’t try to write down all of the dates that I give you. They are on the Durham County Extension Service website. That’s They are September 20, 29, October 5, 13, 15 & 26.

Number two on your list of “How to Become a Master Gardener”– submit an application by November 7, 2016. If you are selected for the training program, pay the $120 registration fee by the end of the year, December 31. This fee is going to cover all of your materials for the training session, and Number 4– attend the 2017 Master Gardener Training Program. The next program will be conducted in January through April 2017. Classes will be taught once a week on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Durham County Extension Office, 721 Foster Street, Durham.

Once you’ve completed the initial training, Extension Master Gardener Volunteers give 40 hours of their time to the community every year. To find out more about the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program, visit Why not call 919.560.0525 to register for one of those information sessions?

You’ve been listening to “Getting Dirty in Your Garden” brought to by North Carolina State Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. You may find this and future episodes on our website: Until next time, why not go out and get dirty in your garden?