Nickels for Know How – Cast Your Vote 11/1/2016

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nickels-for-Know-HowVote Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016:
Makes Good Sense!

Nickels for Know-How is a 65-year-old voluntary assessment on feed and fertilizer produced and purchased in North Carolina. Anyone who buys feed or fertilizer can vote on November 1st to renew this program. A “Yes” vote continues this 65 year old program that assess 15¢ for each ton of feed and fertilizer purchased. Nickels for Know-How raises $1.4 million annually. North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services collects the money, and then transfers it to the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation. The funds are allocated by the Foundation’s board, which includes farmer members from each county, as well as agribusiness leaders. The funds are used to support research, teaching and extension projects at NC State University.

Any user of feed or fertilizer in North Carolina, including home gardeners, can vote in this statewide referendum. Proof of eligibility is not be required. Every County Extension Center will have at least one polling place on site. Contact your local County Extension Center for details on additional locations.

Every six years since 1951 this referendum has been approved by more than 90% of voters. Please make time to vote on Nov. 1 to continue the tradition. For more information on the referendum contact your County Extension Center.