New Almanac Gardener Website

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Check out the new NC State Extension Almanac Gardener Website. It is an exciting time for the show with new opportunities. Follow the website to learn about new developments.

Almanac Gardener

A message from Justin Moore, Director of Marketing & Communications for NC State Extension.

In 2017 UNC-TV is airing a “best of” season to buy time to identify a long-term solution. They’re facing major budget cuts across the organization, through no fault of their own, which was to include Almanac Gardener. Rather than cancel the show outright, they wanted to give us time to explore funding opportunities and other options.
It was a joint decision to be fair, but the good news is that we think we’ve found an exciting solution. A team comprised of faculty from NC State Extension and the university’s College of Ag & Life Sciences recently received approval for seed funding to develop a new digital platform (i.e. a web-based show) here at NC State.
It’s still very early in the planning and developmental stages, but this new show would likely share educational programming covering three broad areas/topics, something along the lines of Agriculture (N.C. Grown & Raised), Food and Nutrition (Healthy Homes, N.C.), and Gardening/Landscaping (something a la Almanac Gardener). The names in parentheses are just rough concepts I’m throwing out as examples, we haven’t decided on anything final yet.
Each of the three topics within the show would feature different episodes/videos on a regular schedule, along with access to related resources on the Extension website. Unlike the traditional TV model of 30 min. shows, each web episode would be shorter and commercial-free, with links to additional content.
Also, Mike Gray will be the executive producer for this new program, and will continue hosting in some capacity (still ironing out the details). We’re actually building on the current Almanac Gardener model to include additional content in areas where NC State Extension and the college can provide expertise, but bringing the production in-house, which is more sustainable given the circumstances.
The new show would be structured similarly to UNC-TV’s “My Home, NC,” if you want a ballpark example:
We’re aiming for a late-summer or fall launch, depending on how things come along, but that’s where things stand for now.