Tips & Tasks: Winterize your trees

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Take these easy steps to prevent ice storm damage to trees. A little effort now can prevent significant damage and expense while improving the health and structure of the tree.

• Protect the trunk of trees from damage.
• Excavate root collars if they are buried in soil or mulch.
• Remove dead and declining twigs and branches.
• Properly prune branches to prevent breakage from ice or snow.
• Spread a 2- to 3-inch layer of composted organic mulch over an area at least as large as the branch spread to protect roots from mower damage and cold.
• If the soil is compacted or poorly drained, aerate while minimizing damage to tree roots.
• Fertilize as recommended on your soil test report.

Trees make a significant contribution to your home’s value. With a minimal amount of preventive care, you can protect that investment.

Additional information on preventing winter storm damage.
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