*Early Spring Lawn Care*

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     Herbicides are a temporary solution to a permanent problem – weeds!  New weed seeds will always be travelling into your yard.  The best long-term solution to controlling weeds is to have a healthy lawn.  Control the weeds you already have before they get large and set seed.  A little work now will save a lot of trouble later.

        Cool season lawns should have been fertilized before now.  They will not need to be fertilized again until September.  If you fertilize them now, it will encourage the growth of a fungal disease called brown spot.  Warm season grasses do not need to be fertilized at this time.

        Start mowing once your lawn reaches 4 to 5 inches tall and never mow back to less than 3 inches.  Grass clippings should be small enough to fall between the grass blades.  Don’t collect clippings unless they are heavy enough to smother the grass.

        When using mulch near your house foundation, use mulch that doesn’t contain cellulose, such as pine needles and pine bark.  The less cellulose in the mulch, the fewer termites are attracted to it.  Also, never spread mulch up to the foundation or lowest course of siding on your home.  While it may have a nicer appearance, it can allow termites to use the cover of mulch to invade your house undetected.  Fresh wood chips and sawdust can be used on the surface as mulch but do not mix in with the soil where they would tie up nitrogen making it unavailable to plants.  Since wood chips contain cellulose it is preferable to use them away from the house foundation.

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