Fall Gardens and Planting in the Fall

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        Fall is a good season for planting.  The cool weather permits the establishment of a root system before next year’s hot weather.  In most cases, watering plants at the time of planting will be all the water they will need to get through the winter.  Just remember, come spring and summer, they will need more water if it doesn’t rain.

         Fall is also an ideal time for planting many trees and shrubs.  The roots will continue to grow some in the soil, giving them a jumpstart over plants that will be planted in the spring.  Late fall can also be a great time to plant trees and shrubs as they don’t need as much water during this time of the year and will become established before next year’s growing season.  Now through early February is an ideal time to plant deciduous trees, shrubs and perennials, while evergreens can be planted through November.  November is also a good time to plant spring-flowering bulbs.  These bulbs can be planted without water, as nature should hopefully provide the limited amount of water they will need.

        In addition to planting, fall can also be a good time to move plants around the yard.  Moving plants in the fall reduces the amount of transplant shock the plant will go through.  If the plant is evergreen, remember that it still needs to be watered so it doesn’t dry out and die.  Always allow adequate space for plants to grow to their mature size.  A common mistake is placing a large or fast-growing plant where there is not enough room for its full height and spread.  When this happens you will spend your entire time pruning in an attempt to keep the plant a size nature never intended it to be.  Find out how large a plant can be expected to grow and then place them where they can fulfill their potential.

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