Winter Plant Care

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        Cold, dry winter winds can remove moisture from plant tissue very quickly.  Newly planted plants are especially susceptible to drying out.  Dig a few inches into the soil around them and if the soil is dry, water them.  During periods of cold, make sure your shrubs and trees have adequate moisture. You may have to water your shrubs and tree during predicted col temperatures to protect roots.  Cold temperatures can damage roots that are in dry soil.  Also, watering just before a cold snap will help plants survive bitter temperatures.

        Houseplants do not need as much water during the winter months as they do in the summer.  It is a good idea to reduce your watering schedule and use little or no fertilizer as houseplants rest during the short days of winter and become semi-dormant.  Your houseplants will ne ready for vigorous new growth in the comin spring.

        If you have a houseplants inside next to a window, make sur you give them extra care on cold nights.  The cold temperature on the windowpanes can damage tender leaves and flowers.  Pull your plants away from the glass or close curtains and blinds at night.

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