Extension Master Gardener Volunteers Contribute Expertise, Experience, Talent and Time to the Extension Gardener Handbook Project

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NC State Extension Master Gardener logoExtension Master Gardener℠ volunteers shouldered the lion’s share of hours on  The North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook project over the last three years. We were lucky enough to have an incredible, dedicated team that brought their experience, energy, and creative talents to the project. Volunteers tackled photography, proofreading, illustration, editing, indexing, and resource creation and verification. The online version of the handbook won the American Society of Horticultural Science Extension Book of the Year Award in 2017 which would not have been possible without the help of the following volunteers:
Chris Alberti, Linda Alford, LeAnn Baker, Martha Banks, Ann Barnes, Judy Bates, Jayne Boyer, Patty Brown, Edna Burger, Joanne Celinski, Kim Curlee, Karen Damari, Minda Tishler Daughtry, Sue Davis, Kris Dearmin, Bob Dickson, Diane Doll, Caro Dosé, Ann Easterling, Joan Frost, Rossy Garcia, Edna Gaston, Margaret Genkins, Barbara Goodman, Renee Goodnight, Deborah Green, Ann Cary Hevener, Jean Hunnicutt, Pat Jacques, Karen Jevsevar, Lee Kapleau, Bud Katter, Karen Lamar, Renee Lampila, Linda Mahoney, Linda May, Katie Maynard, Kristen Monahan, Margy Pearl, Gloria Polakof, Sandy Preston, Sandy Quinn, Chris Riser, Phil Rocheleau, Louise Romanow, Amy Rozycki, Connie Schultz, Bethany Sinnot, Sue Smith, Susan Sunflower, Russell Tate, Cynthia Wagoner, Harriet Walls, Jackie Weedon, Brooke Williams, and Doris Wilson.

Many thanks to each of you!

More information on the Extension Gardener Handbook  (both the Online version and the Hardcopy)