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Wildlife Friendly Landscapes

We can enhance natural features in our yards to create wildlife-friendly habitats. Such habitats should include the four major …

Cover photo for Lawns: Winter annual weeds

Lawns: Winter annual weeds

Do you remember the weeds that were growing in the lawn last spring? Probably not, but henbit, chickweed, and …

Thumbnail Shots of Plants Do That Publications

#Plants Do That

A new series of infographics created by the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH) highlights the importance of landscape …

Sample garden journal

Tips & Tasks: Garden Journaling

Whether you’ve been gardening for a year or decades, every season brings new lessons about your site and soil, …

Cover photo for Renovating Cool-Season Lawns

Renovating Cool-Season Lawns

As cool fall breezes sweep across the state, now is a perfect time to breathe new life into an …