Extension Horticulture Agents Took the Lead on the Extension Gardener Handbook

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IPM chapter of Extension Gardener Handbook Extension horticulture agents across the state took the lead in shaping the content for the chapters in The North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook. They used their expertise and input to transform the handbook from a flat black and white text into a colorful, dynamic, comprehensive tool for beginners to experienced gardeners across the state of North Carolina and the southeast.

Contributing agents include Amy-Lynn Albertson,  Alison Arnold, Shawn Banks,  Travis Birdsell, Silas Brown, Susan Brown, Danelle Cutting, Debbie Dillion, Julie FlowersRandy Fulk, Thomas Glasgow, Charlotte Glen, Peg Godwin, David Goforth, Ben Grandon, Colby Griffin, Kelly Groves, Wendi Hardup, Mary Hollingsworth, Mack Johnson, Matt Jones, Pam Jones, Cyndi Lauderdale, Danny Lauderdale, Sam Marshall, Tim Mathews, Carl Matyac, Paul McKenzie, Jeana Myers, Karen Neill, Shannon NewtonPaige Patterson, Joanna Radford, Lisa Rayburn, Kerrie Roach, Katy Shook, Jessica Strickland, Donna TeasleyJohn Vining and Michelle Wallace.

More information about the handbook including links to online content and directions for ordering a hard copy.