Quick Tips for Navigating the Online Version of the NC Extension Gardener Handbook

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This 2-minute video introduces you to the online version of the handbook and provides suggestions for searching quickly.

NC Extension Gardener Handbook, the national award-winning, online, searchable, gardening, and landscaping reference, is available for free online. A fundamental reference for any seasoned gardener, it is also written to appeal to beginners just getting their hands dirty. It explains the “why and how” basics of gardening from soils and composting to vegetable gardening and wildlife management. Advice on garden design, preparation, and maintenance covers all types of plantings including lawns, ornamentals, fruits, trees, and containers. 728 pages, 1,067 color images, 1 map, 109 tables, and a glossary. Learn more about the online reference as well as the print version.