To Date NO Asian Giant Hornets Have Been Found in North Carolina

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However, many beneficial native insects have been killed when they were mistaken for Asian giant hornets.  Review this excellent Asian Giant Hornet visual comparison guide by Dr. Matt Bertone, Director of the NC State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic. He pairs photographs of Asian giant hornets with some of our common insects that are roughly the same size and color pattern.
Asian Giant Hornet chart

by Dr. Matt Bertone

Visit Murder Hornet Comparison to see side-by-side comparisons of Asian Giant Hornet to 14 native or long-established insects found in NC that may be confused for Asian giant hornet. For more ID tips, try the interactive guide with photographs and audio.

County Extension Director Shawn Banks points out that behavior patterns can also be helpful in identifying insects. For example, Asian Giant Wasps are communal and live in large colonies while Cicada Killer wasps are solitary and only one female will provision the nest in the ground.