Soil and Site Clean-Up

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copost bin oct        Compost your yard waste! As you cut back perennials in preparation for the winter, think about returning that bounty to your garden as compost. Compost is nature’s favorite fertilizer and soil conditioner. Recycle grass clippings, leaves and healthy (not diseased) garden refuse.

         Use shredded leaves as mulch, Fallen leaves contain lots of nutrients, but they decompose slowly. Help the process along by grinding up your leaves and using them in vegetable or flower gardens, rather than sending them to the dump. Don’t have a shredder? Rake the leaves into rows and run over them with a mower, preferably one with a bagger attachment.

        Be sure to rake up debris around and under rose bushes. Black spot disease can overwinter in fallen leaves and appear next spring.

        Now is also the time for site analysis! Walk around your yard, noting what needs to be worked on, cleaned up or removed. Mark these areas on a map of the yard so they can be worked on later this winter.

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Updated on Mar 5, 2021
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