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Cover photo for Season Extension

Season Extension

Check out the great Season Extension information and resources on the Growing Small Farms website by Debbie …

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Turn yard waste, kitchen scraps, and other organic matter into a wonderful soil amendment or mulch. Composting Portal Composting Chapter of …

Cover photo for Vermicomposting


Earthworms convert organic matter (including food scraps, paper, animal manure, and yard trimmings) into a valuable soil amendment and …

Cover photo for Backyard Composting

Backyard Composting

Instead of disposing of yard trimmings and kitchen scraps, you can compost them in your own backyard. Composting is an …

Cover photo for Tips for October

Tips for October

This is the best time of the year to move plants. If you have to dig and transplant a …

Cover photo for Fall Vegetable Garden

Fall Vegetable Garden

In the piedmont and coastal plain, garlic, spinach and onions can be planted now, although harvest won’t …

Cover photo for Soil and Site Clean-Up

Soil and Site Clean-Up

Compost your yard waste! As you cut back perennials in preparation for the winter, think …