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Past Features

Past Features from Extension Gardener

December 2008 –
Camellias for December Color

November 2008 –
Evergreen Oaks: Hearty Trees for the South

October 2008 –
Focus on Form and Foliage with Japanese Maples

September 2008 –
Tibouchina: A Regal Shrub that Tolerates Drought

August 2008 –
Swamp Cyrilla: A Striking Native Shrub

June/July 2008 –
Hardy Palms Create a Tropical Feel

May 2008 –
Versatile Loropetalum Creates a Dramatic Display

April 2008 –
Redbud ‘Hearts of Gold’ a Striking Tree with N.C. Roots

March 2008 –
Winter Daphne Tickles Spring’s Fancy

January/February 2008 –
Use Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar as Landscape Feature

December 2007 –
Deciduous Hollies Provide Winter Interest

November 2007 –
Popular Crape Myrtles Now in Smaller Sizes

October 2007 –
Top-Performing Annual Bedding Plants

September 2007 –
Heuchera Provides Bold, Colorful Foliage

August 2007 –
Uncommon Shrub with Seasonal Interest

June/July 2007 –
Clethra, A Sweet Native Shrub

May 2007 –
Hydrangeas- Hallmarks of the Southern Garden

April 2007 –
Showy Spireas Update the Heirloom Classic

March 2007 –
Kerria Brightens the Shade

January/February 2007 –
Blueberries in the Landscape

December 2006-
Versatile Vibrant Viburnums

November 2006-
Agaves Provide Structural Impact & Boldness

October 2006-
Fringe Tree a Natural for Carolina Landscapes

September 2006-
Tulip Poplars for Large and Small Landscapes

August 2006-
Sunflowers Live Up to Their Namesake

June/July 2006-
Tropicals Pack a Punch with Foliage, Color, Size

May 2006-
Joseph’s Coat Enhances Other Colors

March 2006-
A Host of Lovely Daffodils

January/February 2006-
Illicium Belongs in Southern Gardens

December 2005-
Abies firma, a Heat-Tolerant Fir for North Carolina

November 2005-
New Creeping Raspberry Groundcover

October 2005-
Spicebush Provides Fall Color and Fragrant Scent

September 2005-
Remarkable and Versatile Sedums

August 2005-
Japanese Iris– A Popular Perennial for Boggy Sites

June/July 2005-
Cosmos Brings Beauty to Your Universe

May 2005-
Sweetshrub Provides Alluring Fragrance, Subtle Charm

April 2005-
In Search of Lilacs for the South

March 2005-
Pink Muhlygrass Prized for Ornamental Display

January/February 2005-
Plectranthus Pleases Foliage Lovers

December 2004-
Deodar Cedar Adds Grace to Landscape

November 2004-
Edgeworthia Lends Blooms and Fragrance ro Winter

October 2004-
Sugar Maples Accent Autumn

September 2004-
Virginia Creeper Is in the Ivy League

August 2004-
Pulmonarias Natural Choice for Shade Gardens

June/July 2004-
Criniums Add Tropical Splendor

May 2004 –
Deutzias Dazzle in May

April 2004 –
Not-So-Delicate Ferns Add Versatility and Texture

March 2004 –
Rosemary Provides Landscape Variety, Culinary Delight

January/February 2004 –
New River Birch in Weeping Form

December 2003 –
Deck the Landscape with Hollies

November 2003 –
Evergreen of Interest for Carolina Landscapes

October 2003 –
Sourwood Brings Native Beauty to Landscapes

September 2003 –
Bring Magic into Your Garden with Resurrection Lily

August 2003 –
Reach the Sky with Joe-Pye

June/July 2003 –
Sweetspire, A Great North Carolina Native

May 2003 –
Add Touch of Nostalgia with Spireas

April 2003 –
Deciduous Azaleas Dazzle with Color

March 2003 –
Serviceberry, Drought-Tolerant Tree for North Carolina

January/February 2003 –
Rockspray Cotoneaster Accents Walls, Covers Slopes

December 2002 –
‘Green Giant’ Stands Tall Among Evergreens

November 2002 –
JC Raulston Arboretum Introduces ‘Hartlage Wine’

October 2002 –
Leaders of the Pack Annuals

September 2002 –
Perennial Hibiscus Provides Showstopping Appeal

August 2002 –
Salvias for the Sage Gardener

June/July 2002 –
Crape Myrtles Enhance Our Southern Summers

May 2002 –
Delightful Dahlias Deliver Big Impact

April 2002 –
Kousa Dogwood Prolongs Spring’s Beauty

March 2002 –
New Sweet Potatoes Add Ornamental Flavor

February 2002 –
Witchhazel: The Gardener’s Missing (Winter) Link

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